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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by hwyla View Post
Actually - Lily is 'most likely' a prefect. We do not get the info straight out for one way or another - however it is very unusual for the Head Boy or Girl to have not come from the prefects. The fact that James is Head Boy (without having been a prefect) does not mean that Lily got her position in such an unusual way as well. For BOTH of them to have received the honor without the normal path would have been seen as doubly strange. Therefore, odds are that at least ONE of them was a prefect. Not solid canon, but more likely.
We see Lily in fifth year, and no mention is made of her having the badge, and no mention is made of her being a Prefect, nor do we see her take any action as a Prefect. She is not a Prefect within the story. We don't get her 6th and 7th year story, so we never learn why she is Head Girl in the future. Appearantly not because she was Prefect (unless she replaced someone as Prefect in the 6th year- if the first Wizarding War was anything like Hogwarts in Harry's 6th year, people were being disappeared and murdered and students were being pulled out of school-- so it's possible she was needed to step in to fill a vacancy. But really, unless JK Rowling chooses to address this, there are many possibilities as to why she was Head Girl and no way of knowing-- other than knowing she was not shown to be a 5th year Prefect).

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