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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by silver ink pot View Post
They talk about James and Sirius and Lupin every time they have a conversation. Lily and Snape are not talking to each other in a vacuum. She defends her own House mates even though she earlier saw them attacking Snape - that's a choice, too, in my opinion.
We have one conversation between Snape and Lily where Snape brings up the Marauders. It's the memory before SWM. And where is she defending her housemates after the Mauraders attacked Snape? What conversation are we referring to?

As I said, where in text does it indicate Lily left Snape for the Mauraders? From what I read fromthe text itself, we're shown her reasons why she ends the friendship, and it was Snape's actions alone.

Also she is a prefect so yes, I hold her to a higher standard. I guess that's a mistake on my part.
By any chance is this referencing to something I should know about?

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