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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by WWB
She proved herself in canon to be a phenomenal magician; while Snape was still in metaphorical magical short pants, she took on two excellent magicians at once, leaving them worse than dead.
But she did not do this alone - she had three accomplices - her husband her brother-in-law and Barty Crouch Jr. They outnumbered the Longbottoms 2 to 1. As such I do not think that she showed any exceptional skill. She was undoubtedly a good or even great dueller, but I do not think that canon shows her to be more powerful than Snape. I personally take the fact that SNape was the only Death Eater to fly as Voldemort did to be an indication of his power and ability as a wizard, which was second only to Voldemort's.

Originally Posted by WWB
I believe subconsciously, Snape understood Harry had this secret power which gave him great ability; he merely refused to acknowledge it with his conscious mind. Their final encounter in HBP, Flight of the Prince, found Snape disarming Harry prior to attacking him and imo, that may have been a subconscious move because deep down he knew if Harry retained his wand, that secret power would be unleashed upon him as it had been upon Voldemort, the dementors and even himself in the past.
We are told quite plainly that Harry's "s[ecial power" is his ability to love. He is undoubtedly a talented wizard but in a straight fight he would be no match for Snape, Bella or Voldemort. The reason Harry's wand was so powerful and was so ONLY against Voldemort was explained by Dumbledore in King's Cross - Harry's wand absorbed some of Voldemort's magic during the Priori Incantatem effect.

Originally Posted by Raelis
I think the duel between him, MacGonagall and Flitwick was quite serious, though, if a bit short. Flitwick was rumored to be a duel champion, I think Hermione mentions that in the second book. Considering this and the fact that Snape was one against two extremely capable and experienced wizards, I think he handled himself perfect.
Yes I agree - and I would add that while MCgonagall and Flitwick were both tryoing to harm Snape, his response was purely defensive. He did not want to harm them as they were actually on the same side, so he not only defended himself he had to do so with restraint.

Originally Posted by WWB
No it was more than that, Dumbledore takes us on a merry ride during one of his prolonged, pedantic speeches and he described this . Dumbledore tells Harry that he has a substance inside in greater amounts than any other wizard. It is based in love and being studied at the MOM. Not much is known about it, but it plays into Harry's overall power as a wizard.
It was love - and only love. I thought that had been made quite clear. That was what was contained in the room and was being studied at the MOM.


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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