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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by kittling View Post
The fact that Draco is able to spot Snape’s attempt at using legilimens tells us little about Bella’s abilities in this area over & above the fact that she had sufficient knowledge to teach him to block such an attempt. It could also be that Snape is not trying to be subtle, or simply that Bella has warned Draco to expect him to make an attempt; which we could well suspect from the manner in which Draco has been avoiding Snape all year.
Actually, by Draco's response "I know what you are trying to do", it is evident that Snape was being subtle in his legilimens attempt - that together with the fact that Harry didn't hear Snape cry out Legilimens! . But Draco could tell anyway and Snape compliemented Bella indirectly by remarking that she'd been teaching Draco. I didn't say this reflected upon Bella's own occulmency skills (which may or may not have equalled or bettered Snape's), but that it showed she had a handle on the magic that was good enough to teach Draco to use it proficiently. JKR said Draco was better able to do it than Harry due to his mindset in general, but he still had to be instructed in it by someone who could do so effectively. And Snape knew exactly who it had been - another telling factor, imo.

I thought the power he had that the dark lord knew not of was love. Just plain simple love. That s not to imply that love is nothing, or that it is not incredibly important; just that I wasn’t aware of it being anything else in addition to love.
No it was more than that, Dumbledore takes us on a merry ride during one of his prolonged, pedantic speeches and he described this . Dumbledore tells Harry that he has a substance inside in greater amounts than any other wizard. It is based in love and being studied at the MOM. Not much is known about it, but it plays into Harry's overall power as a wizard.

I really thought JKR was going to go with that, but she didn't have anyone figure out the mysteries of the substance during the course of the series. In any case, Snape may or may not have known about the substance in relation to Harry; it is doubtful he did or he would have understood the reason for some of Harry's great feats of magic. This, was Harry's greatest weapon against Voldemort, just as Voldemort suggested - based in love. I don't believe Snape or anyone else was aware of this except Harry and Dumbledore though.

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
The battle between McG and Snape is similar. It's not just jets of light, but enormous snakes, lassos of fire, and various other things. It tells us that both combatants are highly skilled. And Snape managed to hold his own for quite a while against McGonagall. We can therefore conclude that Snape is an excellent duelist.
I respect your view, however, imo, Snape wasn't dueling at all; he was attempting not to duel. His one spell was easily disregarded by Mcgonagall, reformed and sent back toward Snape in an attack. After that, Snape was all shields and hiding behind statues. Snape was on her side, he simpy could not let that be known, so imo, he was not sincerely attempting to enage her in battle. Thus, I would still conclude that we were unable to get a sense of what Snape would do in an actual duel or what level of ability he might have. Imo, one cannot fairly assess Snape's ability based on his ability to defend when he is not attempting to seriously attack at the same time. That takes a combination of skills that Snape never exhibited in canon because he never engaged in a serious battle on page.


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