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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Canon does not provide us with information about Snape's ability as a warrior, nor do we have even one example of him engaging another in a serious duel.
I think the duel between him, MacGonagall and Flitwick was quite serious, though, if a bit short. Flitwick was rumored to be a duel champion, I think Hermione mentions that in the second book. Considering this and the fact that Snape was one against two extremely capable and experienced wizards, I think he handled himself perfect.
As to who was more talented - Bella or Severus - unfortunately, canon does not tell us too much about Bella's abilities. It is possible that she was a better duelist. But who knows?
It is obvious, however, that Snape is a very gifted wizard, and his skill of Occlumency is so high that he is able to resist the best Legilimens that ever lived.

I'm interested, though. If you don't think that a wizard completely forgets the memories, what do you think takes place when someone puts a memory in a Pensieve?
That's a difficult question because I actually never thought about it! I like DeathlyH's version, though.

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