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Re: Pitchside: Halftime Chat v.40

Originally Posted by DragonVine View Post
That's exciting! 73 would be amazing right now. That's pretty much the ideal temperature. About 22 C.

Yep. We'll start having warmer weather by the end of this month, consistently getting into the 60s. It's funny though, at 50F I had my window open here haha. It's so far superior to the -25C to -30C we get most of the winter (-13F to -22F, or even colder on some days). It is indeed melting, but another 30 or so cm is scheduled for the next week.
Oh yea! The first week we had of "nice" weather, 40-50F, I was cracking windows. Gotta love that fresh air.

So I'm attempting to re-read Harry Potter again. On book 2, lots of nostalgia! Especially about this place.

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