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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by PotterGurl08 View Post
But then, I have a hard time thinking so because if he did develop some type of feeling, even the smallest inkling of caring, I think he would have continued those Occlumency lessons. Snape's allowing his anger/annoyance get in the way of continuing Occlumency is inexcusable to me. It ended with terrible consequences (Sirius' death). A part of me wants to hope that a part of Snape felt guilty about this, but considering how much he hated Sirius, I doubt it. Especially since in HBP, Snape was kind enough to make Harry, a mourning kid, go through old files of deceased father and recently deceased godfather for detention (a part of the book that still just makes me cringe on behalf of Harry; that was just too low).
See, that's where I can't bring myself to like Harry - or even excuse him for being a kid. He invaded a man's privacy - and why? Because he wasn't pleasant to him? From Snape's point of view - if THAT doesn't prove that young Mr Potter believes at some level that the world must go around him, then what would?

Even if you want to dismiss that as Snape acting out of angst and not behaving like an adult - IMO, Snape was scared that Harry saw his memories. He was obviously hiding a lot in that Pensieve in case Harry broke through the barriers in his mind. He was hiding all those memories with Lily in them. He was hiding his love for a 15-year-old student's mother in there.

And he didn't really know how much Harry Potter saw. He could only guess - may be hope that he didn't see much more than his 'worst' memory - that he didn't read too much into it. I think Snape wouldn't want to get too close to the boy after that. For 2 reasons:

1. Snape was emotionally battered. He doesn't want Lily's son to know he was in love with his mother. Too much explaining - especially when the boy in question has proved time and again that he can't really keep his nose out of anything that - he believes - concerns him.

2. He was teaching Occlumency to Harry because he had a connection to Voldemort. As a spy, there's only so much he can risk Harry knowing. Terrible as he was at shielding his mind, if Harry knew - and in turn Voldemort knew - that Snape still loved Lily, I don't see Snape spying, or for that matter even surviving, for much longer. And again, I don't think he was afraid to die. He was scared that the whole plan would be compromised by his dying or not being able to spy.

Originally Posted by MinervasCat
If, by his mistreatment of Harry in HBP, you're referring to the detention and copying the card files, I find that, as a punishment for nearly killing another student, pretty mild. I think that we can all agree, if it had been any other student they would have been suspended or expelled.

When Harry found Draco in the bathroom - surely, someone who's seen as much as Harry Potter has should know that attacking the boy who was in THAT bad a shape with a curse he knew NOTHING about wasn't the smartest decision? Snape did what he had to as a teacher. Minerva would have done the same. Dumbledore didn't quite protest because I'm sure he agreed with Snape at some level, IMHO. That the 'detention' was to copy out the misdeed of his father and godfather might just have to show Mr Potter that even his beloved role-models - who, everyone knows Snape isn't fond of - even they didn't do something that ridiculous to a fellow student. JMO.

Originally Posted by ReelBigFish
Bottom line for me is that Snape was in the wrong from the start in how he treated Harry and his other students. For all the people who insist Harry was primed to hate Snape right from the start - well I see it a bit differently and that it was Snape who hated Harry from the start - from birth until death because of who he was and what he represented. Snape hated Harry before he even walked into The Great Hall on Harrys first night and hated him until the day Snape died.
IMHO, just because Snape isn't all rainbows and butterflies does not make him a bad person - at all. We've all had teachers who have great knowledge in their respective subjects - but aren't exactly the most patient souls around. Should they then be teachers at all? - that's another debate, and I think here it's pretty safe to assume Snape didn't quite have a wide choice of careers.

But to say he hated Harry from the moment he was born to when Snape died is not right, IMO.

Which is where something I've wanted to discuss for quite a while comes in - Snape loved Lily, yes. He loved her a lot. But over the years, how much of what he did was really dictated by his 'love' for her - and how much was just the person he'd grown up to be?

At some level, wasn't it just the 'idea' of loving Lily that anchored him to what were - in effect - his own beliefs and personality? Any thoughts?


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