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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by Moriath View Post
I can't, no. If it had been any other student, this wouldn't have happened the way it has because Draco would most likely have tortured him with an Unforgivable and the student in question wouldn't have been quick enough to cast another spell. And there is never an enquiry into that. I can't forget that Draco smashed his nose and left Harry paralysed and bleeding profusely under the Invisibility Cloak with no qualms about the possible consequences. Two wrongs do not make something right and Harry was wrong to use that spell. But, in his defence, he didn't know what it would do and he knew he had to act quickly because Draco would strike hard and with no scruples about the damage he might cause. Snape, on the other hand, probably used the same spell in SWM and he knew what it was doing as he had created the spell. Snape created a spell he labelled 'for enemies'. By the way, I don't think he should have been expelled for that.

I really feel that the "Draco-Student X" fight is speculation. It would depend on the student and their abilities, etc.

I probably wasn't clear in the point I was making. What I feel is that any other student, besides Harry, who'd been caught by a teacher, wand in hand, after injuring another student as badly as Harry did Draco, would have been expelled. I'm not even sure a plea of self-defense would suffice for using a spell which one knows absolutely nothing about and causing what could have been fatal injuries. Yes, Harry saw it was marked "for enemies," so, did he think it was going to throw flowers at them?

I also think Draco should have been suspended for what he did to Harry on the train. To tell the truth, I'm not sure why any of the incarcerated DE's children were allowed to return to school -- that, to me is just asking for trouble. And, that's exactly what they got.

I agree. Severus shouldn't have been expelled for inventing the spell. But, if he'd used it to the degree that Harry did, I would have expected some form of punishment, suspension or expulsion. IMO, you can't have students running around slicing and dicing each other like that.

I don't think Neville cried himself to sleep over any toad being used in Potions. But this was his pet toad which he'd had with him since the day he arrived at Hogwarts. I really don't see how Sirius living off rats while in dog form is the same as Snape using Neville's pet toad as a lab toad when everyone including Neville knew that he was pants at Potions.
IMO, Severus was using a teaching method that he felt would put enough pressure on Neville that he'd really take extra care and try to make his potion correctly. I also think that he knew, even though he'd warned her not to, Hermione was going to help Neville because of the risk to Trevor. But, since he'd warned her, he had to dock points to maintain discipline (IMO).

For safety sake, I would expect Severus (or any teacher) to have the antidote readily available, and, I'm sure he'd have used it if it came to that -- or, if the potion had looked wrong, he might have just "accidentally" dropped it before administering it to Trevor -- but, that's speculation. What we do know is that both Neville and Trevor survived, neither much the worse for wear.

It's not hard to believe. I just don't see any canon for it. And, in my view, Snape never caring for Harry doesn't diminish Snape's efforts to keep Harry alive.
And, yet, I do see many hints in the canon. So, that shows that people can read the same thing and come away with different perceptions. It doesn't make either right or wrong, just makes life more interesting. It would be pretty boring if we all saw everything the same way -- and, we wouldn't have much to write about here.


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