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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by snapes_witch View Post
During Severus's first approach to Dumbledore on that windswept hill he promised to do 'Anything' if Dumbledore would save Lily's family. Why then would he return to the DE's if Dumbledore was successful? If Snape was the person so many people think him to be, wouldn't it have been Lily's death that sent him back to the DE's? Instead he promised to be Dumbledore's spy amongst the DEs and to protect "Lily's boy" when Harry came to Hogwarts.
Upon finding out Voldemort was going to kill the Potters, Snape asked Voldemort to not kill Lily (and Lily only--that was his initial request). If things went Snape's way (as in knowing Voldemort was being truthful in promsing to not killing Lily), he wouldn't have gone to Dumbledore in the first place.
Of course, Snape realizes Voldemort might break his promise and all that...
What I'm saying is that had this not been the case and Snape had reason to believe Voldemort would keep his promise and Lily wasn't killed, I think there's a possibility Snape would have remained a DE.

He was merely playing a part in his dealings with Dumbledore? That doesn't sound like the road to redemption to me.

All the above are merely my opinion.
You said it, not me.
Doesn't sound like redemption to me either because ultimately, despite Snape 'getting his job done', he's not completely redeemed in my eyes.
But I do think in Snape's mind, he thought he was redeeming himself.

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