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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by PotterGurl08 View Post
I have a feeling that this would have depended on one thing: Whether Lily lived or died. Lily died, Snape was hurt and insulted, so he switched sides. If Lily lived and he had gotten what he asked for, I'm always wondering what would have become of Snape. I think he may have remained a DE. Then again, perhaps Lily would have been able to make Snape change for the better. However, if Lily ever found out that Snape held some of the blame in getting her husband and child killed, she would have wanted nothing to do with him. So maybe he would have stuck to his DE ways, just as he did when Lily decided she wanted nothing to do with him in their later years at Hogwarts.
During Severus's first approach to Dumbledore on that windswept hill he promised to do 'Anything' if Dumbledore would save Lily's family. Why then would he return to the DE's if Dumbledore was successful? If Snape was the person so many people think him to be, wouldn't it have been Lily's death that sent him back to the DE's? Instead he promised to be Dumbledore's spy amongst the DEs and to protect "Lily's boy" when Harry came to Hogwarts.

I think Snape saw "playing the good guy" as the only way to get redemption from his past actions that ultimately got the love of his life killed.
He was merely playing a part in his dealings with Dumbledore? That doesn't sound like the road to redemption to me.

All the above are merely my opinion.



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