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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

I have trouble understanding why it's so hard to believe that, after several years of protecting Harry, watching him grow into a courageous and fiercely loyal young man, watching him go through all that he'd been through from the time Voldemort regenerated, and seeing him become a pretty accomplished wizard, Severus might not have eventually grown to like Harry. Maybe it's just me, but, I think the human spirit is more resiliant than that.

We know the immediate dislike at the beginning of the series was due to the James/Severus bad-blood thing from waaaaaay back, and that Severus hadn't gotten over it and probably never would. So, his initial treatment of Harry was a transferance of his hatred of James to Harry. Severus, early on, also knew that Harry hated him, and, IMO, he didn't care. The feeling was mutual and he wasn't losing any sleep over it. And, both of them were constantly adding fuel to the fire...and, I'm not trying to cast blame, or make a point of "who's most responsible." Neither of them made any effort to stop the downward spiral of their relationship.

But, I see bits and pieces in the canon that suggest that in the later years, in spite of himself, Severus grew to like Harry, and that this started during the Occlumency lessons, when Severus saw what Harry had gone through and how similar it was to his own childhood. IMO, it was then that some of his preconcieved ideas of Harry's having a sense of entitlement handed down from James, or of Harry being the same arrogant bully that his father was, started to change. I don't think it was voluntary, in that, I think it was a very difficult and conflicting thing for Severus to try to handle. Other than Dumbledore, I don't think he'd allowed himself to really like anyone since Lily died. I think her death caused him to build the snarky, aloof "Snape Persona" around himself that we see from SS/PS on.

After OotP, I believe that Severus had as much of a battle with himself over his emotions about Harry as the battles he was having with Harry. His answer, IMO, as it has always been when he had something he didn't want to deal with, was to shove those emotions aside and occupy himslef with something else.

When Dumbledore put him on the spot, though, by outright asking if Severus had grown to like Harry, IMO, he couldn't push them aside anymore, but didn't want to admit to Dumbledore -- and especially to himslef -- that he had grown fond of Harry. So, he answers the question with a question, dances around a bit, and casts his Patronus as a final diversion from the subject. I think Treacle hit it right on the head with her analysis of that scene.

If Severus had been able to get the required information to Harry directly, I'm not sure how that scene would have gone, nor what would have happened later. I don't know if Harry would have ever been aware of Severus' love for Lily, or his years of protection of Harry. I wonder, would they have ever just sat down and talked about Lily, and would Severus have been able to tell Harry of his love for her? Would he have been able to express his remorse to Harry for the things he had done, and explained why he'd done some of them? I really doubt it. Good idea for a fan-fic, though, but, I'm sure it's probably already been done

I don't think Severus and Harry would have ever gotten to be close friends, even though they might have reached an understanding. Let's just say, had he lived, Severus might have been on Harry's Christmas card list, but, I doubt if he'd have been invited to Christmas dinner.


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