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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by ReelBigFish View Post
I personally think there is no evidence Snape cared for Harry at all in fact all the canon points to is that he hated Harry consistently and was only protecting Harry for Lily's sake.
I disagree. Canon is quite clear on the fact that - till the very end when Harry learns of Snape's motives - Harry hated Snape, consistently and thoroughly. His judgments of the man were coloured - even when he trusted everything else that Dumbledore said, Harry never could get over his hatred of Snape. Although I wouldn't really hold it against him - he was a kid afterall - but Snape isn't Dumbledore to react to such raw emotion with a smile and a lemon drop. We wouldn't love him so much if he did

Originally Posted by ReelBigFish View Post
I have always found it sad that Snape could never see Harry for the person he truly was - he only saw James and treated Harry accordingly.
IMHO, it would have hurt Snape quite a bit to keep 'seeing' Lily's child - it might be a twisted way of thinking, but he needed something to counteract the hurt with an emotion he was more used to showing outwardly - and Harry being a photocopy of James just made that easier. But, even that was only initial I think. After OoTP and the occlumency lessons, I think Snape did feel for Harry at some level, even if he didn't like him.

Originally Posted by ReelBigFish View Post
I have never seen any evidence that Snape as a 'cub' Death Eater was not comfortable with killing or torturing people at all. JKR herself says that Snape would have remained a Death Eater if not for the prophecy targeting Lily and also there is the fact he was willing to let Voldemort kill James and Harry without any qualms.
Letting them die in return for Lily's life, and enjoying or being comfortable with killing and torture are two different things, IMO. DE Snape would have happily made that bargain - but he would have eventually gone down the RAB road. Professor Snape, though, would have killed himself a million times on the inside before he made a choice between two lives - I think he grew up to be someone who understands the value of life, and even more, the value of saving lives.

Originally Posted by FutureAuthor13
I always took the "For him?!" as Snape trying to convince himself that Harry didn't matter to him: that everything was still for Lily and Lily only- when, in reality, he cannot help but care about Harry, as a seperate individual. I think Snape felt very conflicted about the whole thing and thought that it would be 'easier' for his own mind to deal with, if he could pretend he still didn't care about Harry. The "For him?!" is Snape attempting to deny his strong emotions about Harry and the situation he was being forced into.
So much denial, Professor! Are you sure you aren't hiding something?

Snape cared for Harry - difficult not to, when you're saving that impossible kid atleast once a year! Did he like Harry? Well he didn't quite like anyone much, did he? As a teacher, his behaviour towards the best witch in class was really not much different from how he treated the worst student. It stems from not *wanting* to like anyone I think - he enjoyed being a snarky git a little too much

But does that mean he couldn't care less about what happened to Harry? Why would he keep sending Phineas to check up on him then? Why did he go out of his way to 'help protect' Harry Potter? And if he was only grudgingly fulfilling a promise - why then did he make more? To protect the whole of Hogwarts after Dumbledore was gone? If he didn't care for Harry he could have just run away and hide somewhere - wallow in self pity about losing Lily and not be able to save her kid because he had to die anyway!

Snape is not a pleasant person, but that does NOT make someone cold.

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