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Re: Which Film Is The Darkest?

i think the darkest movie was the sixth and seventh book. the sixth because the death eaters are now the muggle world and having their fun with out care. they show it in the movie as well as in the book. its for the first time that we see them in the muggle world for who they really are. not only that but we also see the attack on a student by a dark object and the poisoning that happened to ron. we also see harry use a spell that causes a lot of damage. and most important we see the death of dumbledore. we see how far snape goes and its there were we come to the conclusion that snape might actually be bad.

the seventh is the darkest because its like lupin said, we encounter magic we never dreamed off. we find out how to make a horcrux and how it can be destroyed. we find out things of our favorite headmaster that seem really surprising. not only that but we see what bagshots body has been put to use. the way malfoy is been used is also hard to believe. there is so much darker stuff in the final book then in all the others. its also the darkest because of the many deaths that we see happen. we lose characters that we have follewed for a long time and have come to love. the final book is the darkest because of the detail, spells used, and deaths.

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