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Like Canon Couples, especially Harry and Ginny? Look no farther!

This is a new Harry Potter fansite! It's specifically made for fans of the Harry/Ginny pairing, as well as other canon pairings. It's got forums, photo albums, a news feed, and more. Please join!

Harry And Ginny-Home Page

Like I said, the site is designed for fans of any canon pairing, although you can still join if you like non-canon pairings, you won't be hated on for that. It's a very new site with very few members at the moment, and we are looking for members who will be active on the newly created forums. The reason for this is that eventually, I'll need to appoint some new forum moderators, and if you are active, there's a very good chance you'll be appointed a mod!

Thank you for viewing, and I really hope you decide to join! The site is new and still needs members, so tell all your Potter-loving friends about it. Thanks again!

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