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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

Wizards are extraordinary creatures, but wizards however are like humans with magical gifts. To help understand lets compare, if you will, the athlete. The most excellent player in a particular sport would be the best at his or her position by way of talent. Logical parameters such as, vigor, prosperity, convention, and countless more, have even weakened the best of players in their respected sport. Can it not be argued a wizard on an off day is not the best legilmens or occlumence at all times of every day, because of feelings of the heart, despondency or a certain empiricism that may affect each wizard differently. For example, Voldemort was most dark wizard in recent times,. but because of his fear of death, the lack of love in his life, his above average drive to hurt others than to find friends and his fierce reputation, his followers would not dare question his action or motives, no matter how impertinent their rationale was. This tenacity, ultimately lead to his miscalculation and demise.

Even Iron Mike Tyson got knocked OUT at his supposed peak!!
PATS beat by lowely Giants Twice in Superbowls, one time PATS WERE UNDEFEATED and GIANTS were 9-7! !
Yankees vs RedSox, Redsox down 3 games and came back in the 2004 World Series to beat the Yankees!

The best are not always the best, any given day...


I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours...


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