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Re: Pottermore v.12

Originally Posted by merrymarge View Post
still have not brewed a potion. I have succeeded only with the dueling club. finished reading all the new stuff, collected everything (I hope), and maybe I will get to potions. what if we don't brew the Polyjuice potion? Will there be problems in later chapters?
We have no idea. The PP's don't earn any house points so that is why we think they will be needed later. Though that seems a bit unfair to those who aren't very good with potions. But that's what they did in this round of chapters--unless you could brew the Swelling Solution, or get it as a gift from a friend--you couldn't access Professor Snape's private stores and move on or brew PP.

If you want a SS so you can continue with the chapters, I've some in my inventory and will trade for the ingredients to make another one. Just owl me your full Pottermore name.

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