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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

a couple of things:

1. the beginning was to rushed. they should of shown lupin appearing at shell cottage and saying there is a baby, should of shown more of gringotts, and stuff like that

2. when they apparated in hogsmeade, there were no dementors. i mean wth? i was really looking forward to harry casting his patronus and the death eaters thinking harry was there, and aberforth confronting the death eaters saying that he set off the charm and telling them his patronus was a goat. and no invisibility cloak. i wanted to se that DE try to summon his cloak

3. mcgonnagal was supposed to send pursuing daggers at snape, and he was supposed to be blocking them with armour.

4. no ravenclaw common room.

5. no luna stunning a carrow or harry casting crucio on a death eater who spit in mcgonnagals face. i know there was no RCR, but they could of changed the location like they did for snapes death

6. i wanted to see percy, fred, and the trio dueling death eaters, turning one of them into a sea urchin, and seeing freds death onscreen.

7. the princes tale was kinda rushed. they didn't show lily jumping off the swing in acrobat form, didn't show all the memories, and the memories were a lot shorter than i expected. and i didn't like how the film put music in the tale

8. not enough battle scenes.

9. in the great hall, there were supposed to be lots of dueling scenes. 3 people (forgot their names) dueling bellatrix, hagrid throwing macnair, and other stuff.

10. after voldemort died, everyone was just sitting there like nothing happened

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