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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

They should have swapped Tonks & Lupin for Bill & Fleur at Shell Cottage at the outset. That would have made them a bit more "memorable" and their deaths a bit more meaningful: they would have been the people who'd sheltered Harry at the beginning of the film. Also, we could have seen Lupin's son, and Lupin's (& Harry's) reaction to parenthood.

Other than that, they needed a little more Snape early: something else to make us wonder what he really was doing other than the Goblin's little line.

Originally Posted by phoenix88 View Post
3- as many have said, I think it shortchanged Ron to have him just stare at Harry before he was going to walk into the forest. They should have kept it like the book.
But then it wouldn't have been like the book: we never would have gotten the all-important lines about Harry feeling like he'd always known that he was a Horcrux and that it was going to have to end like that. Well, not unless they'd done the dreaded voice-over narration or had Harry go Shakespeare on us and give us a soliloquy! Really, Ron & Hermione are the only people to whom Harry could deliver those lines.

(It doubles for The Hobbit, too!)
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