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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

Just a few minor gripes

1- I wish they had made it clear Harry was master of all the hallows. A few people kept wondering how he survived and did not pick up on the fact the cloak was a hallow. It also would have been nice for harry to tell voldemort that he was the true master of the elder wand before it flew into his hand.

2- I really wanted to see more of the actual battle. The buildup was great, but I wanted more dueling.

3- as many have said, I think it shortchanged Ron to have him just stare at Harry before he was going to walk into the forest. They should have kept it like the book.

4- I think they should have shown Fred's death. It was so heartbreaking in the book

Overall, I still liked the movie and it included most of the highlights of the book. It just felt rushed at time. I would have preferred less scene splicing and some calmer moments here and there.

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