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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
With Harry, it was personal. I do believe that Snape was unable to muster a hatred he needed for his emotions against Harry, Lily's boy; but he needed those for Voldemort, so I think he thought of James, with whom he did have an enmity that was mutual, and I think he used that to fuel his emotions.
But that is worse, imo, because Snape had a hand in the death of James. There is no room for hate against someone that you hold some cupability in killing unless they are Voldemort.

Did he hate students because he could IMO Not. I don't think he hated anyone, except perhaps James, Sirius and Remus, who hated him right back. If he despised anyone or anything at all, I think it was his choices, his acts which made him choose his path as a Death Eater, and I think he redeemed himself in the most glorious way possible. Even though I don't think he quite ever forgave himself.
I am with Snape on that one. I don't forgive him either. I don't think he was shown to portray a man with proper remorse. As a reader, my ability to sympathize with him was only as great as his character's ability to sympathize with others.

I also think Harry recognised this, which was why Albus Severus was named so.
I absolutely agree that JKR meant for Snape's character to be redeemed - and I think that is supported by the epilogue. But in my opinion, the character needed to do more in the visible storyline to merit that redemption. There were several things in the book that didn't gel - so it wasn't just Snape's redemptive arc, but that was certainly one of them in my view.

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