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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Originally Posted by Merrylore View Post
IMHO, the very fact that Snape even used "half-blood" in his nickname suggests to me - and i think Harry as well -that the person who would select such a name isn't a Pure Blood Supremacist, because he'd not want that label to refer to himself.
I believe that he used Half-Blood in its capacity as "better" than Muggleborn rather than as "lesser" than pureblood. Since he wasn't a pureblood, he couldn't very well name himself the 'Pureblood Prince', could he? IMO, he prided himself on whatever amount of magical blood he had. We see that even the ultimate blood supremacist, Voldemort, acknowledges his half-blood status when marking Harry rather than Neville as his equal. Therefore, acknowledging your half-blood status is not a sign of not believing in blood supremacy, IMO.

Could you please show me where in canon it says that Snape hates his father and is ashamed of his muggle origins? We do see his father yelling at his mother, and his mother appears to be afraid, but isn't it also possible that he doesn't respect his mother for never standing up to Tobias? I also see Severus as having been neglected to an extent, based on his mismatched clothes. This could also perhaps be due to indifference on Eileen's part, or maybe her focus was elsewhere. Neither strike me personally as particularly good parents.
It's not stated explicitly that he hates his dad and is ashamed of him but that's the impression I got from his attitude in TPT. I'm sorry, I should have added an "IMO". I agree with you that he probably didn't hold any great love for either of his parents in their capacity as his parents. However, he was proud of the magical blood that his mother passed on and, by extension, his maternal bloodline.

IMHO, Severus would have dropped Lily the very moment they entered Hogwarts if he had an issue with her muggleborn background. He had been sorted into Slytherin, and the first person who greeted him when he was sorted into the house was Prefect Lucius Malfoy. Instead, Severus chose to call Lily his best friend, despite the opinions of some of the students in his own house. I can't see someone who believed in Pure Blood Supremacy doing that.
I think everyone has agreed by now that Lily was Snape's exception, not the rule. He met Lily at a time when he was lonely and very emotionally vulnerable. To him, she was the only bright thing in his life at that point. He looked upon her as a heaven-sent entity more than as a human girl, which is why he allowed Lily's blood status to go ignored. By teaching her about the wizarding world, he could bring some amount of control and power to his life (I don't mean this in a sinister way; it's simple human psychology). This deep attachment to Lily was formed before he met his Slytherin friends. Therefore, it stood the test of time. And, it is this which is his ultimate redeeming quality, IMO.

As for calling her his best friend...I somehow doubt it was a publicly acknowledged fact like James-Sirius and Harry-Ron were. His statement in TPT about them being best friends felt more like he was seeking reassurance from her because, inside, he could already feel her drifting away.


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