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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

*SQUEEEE* New thread!

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1. After reading DH, to what extent do you think is Snape responsible for what happened to the Potters?

I think he's responsible for what he did: telling Voldemort of the prophecy, knowing the risk to the person it referred to.

2. Do you think Snape's character development arc is complete?

Well, there's a lot that remains unanswered, but all in all, there isn't much else he can do, since he's dead.
(Or, as I like to imagine, took healing potions and escaped to a remote island, where he soaks up the sun's rays, vegges out in a nice lovely seaside villa, and lives happily ever after.)

7. How would Snape's life have been different if he had managed to save their friendship?

Who knows? I think that if their friendship had survived beyond Hogwarts, I think he'd have eventually told her how he felt. No longer running the risk of being attacked would probably have allowed him to feel he could risk that vulnerability. But there are those additional issues of how, why, and when Lily fell in love with James and whether or not Severus and Lily remaining friends would have had any impact on his decision to join the DEs.

This last question I can see many different outcomes for: Severus would no longer be bunking with Mulciber et al., but would likely continue to be welcomed within their circle. Would this distance affect how those friendships played out? Would Lily's continued presence change things? I see Severus walking a very thin line between the two friendships, hoping that he could balance both. The problem is, he couldn't do this forever. Whether it was in 5th year or sometime after graduation, he had to give someone up. I would bet that in whatever hypothetical post-graduation scenario could be cooked up, the side he would eventually fall into would be the one he spent the most time with.

Lily's feelings for James have a lot to do with her character, but are also an important in that they could influence Severus as well. I see Lily as being slightly attracted to/interested in James in 5th year, possibly as a result of the Werewolf Incident. This could only amount to a crush and fade, or it could develop into something deeper and be irreparable. I think the dividing factor would be what exactly caused this possible change in James Sirius was talking about, and was it dependent on Lily and Severus' friendship? We have no information on this, so I don't think I can make a call on it.
However, I would say that if Lily did marry James and remained Severus' friend, I think he would distrust and severely dislike James, but put up with it. His reaction to James in canon I, to an extent, attribute to the SK switch and its consequences. If Lily hadn't married James, then (as I said earlier) Severus would probably have revealed his feelings. Whether or not Lily would return them is a whole 'nother essay.

15. What do you reckon Snape valued most in life?

Interesting question. I think there are two ways to look at this. There are the things that he desired but rarely expressed or chose to acknowledge, like the need for acceptance, love, and acknowledgment, and there are the things he overtly valued, like intelligence, practicality, efficiency, and straightforwardness. I think he valued all these things, but labeled some as weaknesses because, while they're necessary to all human beings, his own experiences with them were often painful, disappointing, or just plain not there. Not to mention they were very dangerous things for a spy in his position.

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