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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Originally Posted by MinervasCat View Post
We know why he bullied Harry -- because he physically looked like James and Severus couldn't put that past behind him and see Harry as a separate person (IMO). But, I keep wondering, why Neville and Hermione?
And I'd add Ron, simply because he was hanging out with Harry and not a particularly studious type with a fondness for quidditch (which again might have been reminiscent of Sirius and James to Snape)

Originally Posted by MinervasCat View Post
I've been wondering since then: Did Neville remind Severus of a young Pettigrew?
As much as I like Snape, I don't believe he was trying to toughen up Neville or help him in any way. He really seems to be using him as a catalyst for his bad mood. My impression is that Neville's fear and clumsiness for potions was something he scorned and was irked by. It takes only little to set off a choleric person, which Snape definitely seems to be outside his spying life.
As for the Pettigrew reminiscence in Snape's eyes - I don't recall now if Pettigrew was particularly awkward/clumsy as student, but maybe there was the fact that both Gryffindors were 'ragtagging' the more popular ones (in his eyes). I don't think that the Peter reminiscence was the main reason why Snape singled Neville out, though.

Originally Posted by MinervasCat View Post
Did he see a bit of himself in her, and recognizing her abilities, want her to be writing notes in the margins of her own Potions book rather than just following it along?
I don't think Snape's intentions were nice in Hermione's case, either. My impression was that he disliked her know-it-all-ishness from the first lesson on. Truth be told, a teacher myself, I know how annoying this behaviour can be (count in the fact that the rest of the class will likely stop trying if they have such a person in their midst). So in a way, I understand why Hermione infuriates Snape so much; at the same time, that does not condone some of his conduct towards her (the 'no difference' scene, or taking points from Gryffindor whne she cannot contain herself and blurts out the answer)

Originally Posted by MinervasCat View Post
In CoS, he had to know that someone was mixing polyjuice potion, the stuff was missing and someone had to be using it. Did he suspect Hermione, and the reason he never confronted her or any of the trio was that he was glad to see her putting her talents to use?
Again I don't think so. I think he kept silent only because he didn't have enough evidence. He correctly suspected Harry (I guess his 'innocent' face would be easy to read for an experienced teacher, not to mention a legilimens). He'd be more or less sure of the Trio's intent after Hermione appeared in the Infirmary as a half-cat, and after he learned about Crabbe and Goyle's condition (if he ever did). But he never had direct evidence to support his claim.
I definitely don't think he acted out of any noble sentiments towards anyone in the Trio. I'd go as far as to say that my impression of Snape was that he wanted quiet, obedient and studious students, but not such brilliant ones who would present a challenge to himself or be better than him in a subject he excelled in (Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts). He doesn't seem to me to be the type to wish them success, and Hermione's endeavours seem to me to be triggering a need in him to show everyone who the best expert in the class is (himself). Even at the cost of bringing the person down with nasty remarks. Feeling 'threatened' by a (pre-)teenager is not a mature thing to do, but then, Snape is not a very mature person, mostly.

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