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Re: What do you have to explain to your friends and family who only see the movies?

I have persuaded all of those that I see the movies with to read the books...except one. With each movie release there is something of a family reunion, even though my cousin and I are the only true Harry Potter fans. However, one cannot argue with tradition. My father thoroughly enjoys the movies, but he is too absorbed in his books on the Civil War to read the Harry Potter books. Therefore, after every movie I always do a summary (for everyone, considering they have read the books only one time each[ a long time ago at that]), and then I am forced to answer all of the questions about the details lost in the adaptation from book to film. It is very difficult to lecture my relatives on the matter, considering they always ask the questions that have not been answered by JKR. It is fun, but tiresome.

Luckily, my friends shun Harry Potter, and thus I do not have to discuss the movies with them (it is sad, in a sense, but I enjoy debating on here rather than with those 'friends' of mine in reality).


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