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Re: The Hunger Games

Originally Posted by GrangerHermione View Post

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I wasn't annoyed at all! I was so glad that she didn't have to kill him. I didn't see them changing the rules back at the end, though. That was a surprise. But I agree, it was perfect the way it played out. Their defiance of the Capitol was the perfect conflict to lead into the next book.
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Don't get me wrong, I was happy she didn't have to kill him, but I thought that it was such a great source of suspense that I was disappointed the announcement ended it. But then it returns again in the best way possible, so I didn't mind in the end, I thought it was a brilliant literary tool.

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Me too. Peeta all the way!
It was the same way for me. When Peeta told everyone during his interview that he loved Katniss I was like "awwwwwwww!" because I'm a hopless romantic. But I kept having doubts that he was just pretending it all for the games. But he was so sweet, especially in the cave, so I starting figuring out that he wasn't pretending.
I thought it was really sad, too, when he was so heartbroken at the end. It broke my heart too. But I don't think it was all pretend for Katniss. I think she was starting to fall for him during the Games, maybe even before. Before the Games start she realizes, "I have kept track of the boy with the bread," and later during the games she realizes, "I do not want to lose the boy with the bread." I think at the end she's just confused about everything because not all of her feelings for Peeta were pretend.
Spoiler: show
I reacted in exactly the same way, I wasn't quite sure at first whether it was all an act, but as soon as he told the story about the first time he saw her I knew it was real As for Katniss, I think she she genuinely cares about Peeta, but doesn't love him... the way I interpreted it, by telling Peeta at the end that it was an act, she effectively chose Gale before even knowing if Gale wanted her or not. If he hadn't wanted her then it would have been simple, but since he does in Catching Fire (CF) it makes her even more conflicted. But I'm definitely on Team Peeta I want to know what happened to him at the end of CF so badly.

Yep, I am SO excited about this. I think it'll make a great movie, especially since Suzanne herself is writing it. I've been trying to figure out who'd be good for the cast; it's so hard!
Definitely, I'm usually hesitant at the idea of my favourite books being adapted into movies, because my main concern is that it won't capture the essence of the original. But the author herself writing it was a good enough guarantee for me. As for castings, for some reason I keep on finding an actor that I think is perfect for the role, then find out he's English not American. For example, I keep picturing Alex Pettyfer as Peeta. To me, he's perfect. And if he were a bit younger, Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian in Narnia) for Gale. But they're both English. As for Katniss, I saw someone suggest Kristin Stewart somewhere... I sincerely hope the casting directors don't think the same way, to me she doesn't capture Katniss at all. I can't seem to think of a person I'd like to see cast as her.

I read Catching Fire too and I LOVE IT! It doesn't solve anything, though, it just presents new problems and adds soooooooo much suspense that it's driving me out of my mind! I can't wait for the third book.
Team Peeta all the way.
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I ended up buying CF too. The whole District 13 conspiracy theory of an underground society and the rebellions were my favourite parts, along with Haymitch's time in the arena. The concept of them being thrown back into the arena for the new Quarter Quell was such a cruel twist. But I was so enthused in the rebellion plot, that to me, the arena was a distraction from the part of the story I wanted to know. But it was still a great read, I can't believe we have to wait until next year to find out what happens. I particularly want to know the fate of Peeta, poor guy

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