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Re: M-13 - The "F" word- are you offended by it?

Originally Posted by The other Jo
Ok first swearing and sex standards do not go hand in hand. My oldest daughter is 16 and has not even dated let alone had sex and yet she can swear like a truck driver. Before you try to equate her swearing with lack of dating, guess again, she is asked out a lot. She has yet to find a guy that lives up to her standards. Swearing is just part of that generation just as we had our little things that drove are parent’s nuts. I am surprised that as a counselor to younger kids you have not noticed that allowing the swearing tends to get more information and trust from the child. Let me explain. I allow swearing in my presence. By not requiring the children to sensor their words they are freer with everything they say. I know exactly which kids are having sex and what types of sex they are having. I know which kids drink and which do drugs. I know who has driven drunk. All of these things cause me far more concern that the use of a word. Because in the end these behaviors can kill you or do permanent harm or a lifetime of problems, words do not.

Oh when I was a kid I did not swear at all. I even spelled god out rather than say it. Everything else that I try to protect my kids from now, I did.
Ah...Hand in hand was a bad choice. It's similar to the way sex has gotten not related to the way sex has gotten. Spot me bad grammar why donctha And obviously the searing allos me to get more information and help out more but I am still disturbed by the fact it is so present so young. That I can leave the door open for swearing and get hit by an 11 year old...It's not natural to me. But It IS part of the society and I accept that. I just hope it is nothing more than a fad. You've misread what I was saying a bit I never said that it was the wrongest thing to do said things at a young age such as 16. But before you are hitting puberty is just...wrong to me

And kids that young who are talking bout sex and saying the f word every other word are just that to me. Stupid. Conforming to the older group of people they see doing it all the time. Ohhh I can't STAND when people curse FREQUENTLY around a developing child but that's just me.

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