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Re: M-13 - The "F" word- are you offended by it?

Oi. I am somewhat of a counsel service to my friends and their siblings, cousins, dogs, whatever. And I can say that scarily, kids who are 13, 12, and even 11 use this word as well as many others. Very Proficiently. That disturbs me. It goes hand in hand with the sex standards that go down and down and now we see little kids in Kindergarten talking about "sex". Excuse me but when I was 11, I cursed only on the VERY rare occasion (broken toe, faceplant) and it was always a modified curse. Deeeeeeeeeeeeam. or something of the sort. I have been talking with my best friends little sister who is just turned 13 and she has gotten comfortable with me enough that she throws out these horrible cursewords that could curl your hair. Said times. I find it sad when kids are so empty headed.

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