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Re: Oscars 2011

Originally Posted by lcbaseball22 View Post
It's kinda fascinating how incredibly different opinions can be.
Haha, indeed. If everything were so cut and dry, we wouldn't need to speculate about who would win the Oscars. We'd just know. It gives the awards a certain amount of variation without being too inconsistent. My only real problem with the Academy is they have a tendency to give awards to people for lesser projects when they got snubbed for better projects in previous years.

I always cross my fingers it'll be Johnny Depp's year. There are very few times he doesn't completely embody the role he is playing, and he has never been afraid to take on some rather strange characters and projects. Even in the more blockbuster films such as Pirates, he really just excels as an actor. Maybe with Rum Diaries, this will be his year, but we'll just have to wait and see. It certainly looks like that role has the most potential Oscar power.

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