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Re: Oscars 2011

Originally Posted by lcbaseball22 View Post
Interesting, but it's one of only a few possible contenders that has already been released and yet I haven't noticed ANY articles that place it in the running for Best Picture anymore. They mention Best Actor and Best Cinematography and perhaps a few other technical awards but that's about it. Also, isn't the reason it hasn't been well received due to it being too different from Scorcese's other work? Could a homage film or experimental film or or branching out film or whatever you wanna call it really be recognized for much more? Wasn't this pretty much Scorcese just having fun with something new? I guess the expansion to 10 slots might help its chances, but I wouldn't bet on it...
No, Shutter Island is indeed something new (as a film-noir infused, 50's horror-film style picture... but there's also Cape Fear), but the concept of his 'comfort zone' or 'what he usually directs' being crime films is wrong. Between Mean Streets and Goodfellas, he hadn't directed a gangster film, then there was Casino, and The Departed? That's about 4 gangster films, and Gangs of New York is about a complete different period.

The Aviator was different too, and was believed to be the film he'd get his oscar for. So that wouldn't be the case.

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