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Re: Layers in fantastic beasts and where to find them

Originally Posted by willfitz View Post
It definitely seems like a natural and popular theory that Ariana Dumbledore was an Obscurial. It was my immediate reaction to the description of what an obscurus was, so I was not surprised to find people already discussing it on here.

But it didnt kill her, at least not by the account we have. And do I remember that she was 14 when she died?

In other discussions, Im entertaining the possibility that Mary Lou was a squib. This could explain how she knew about witches in a community where No Majs get obliviated three time zones out if they have an inkling about the magical world.

My grandson suggested that Credence may have been older than ten, perhaps past puberty when he began to repress his magic. This could explain why he is still alive and also why it is so powerful. The question arises, why hasnt it killed him? I think that his anger is not self directed. He doesnt blame himself the way many younger children would. For example, young children tend to blame themselves when parents get divorced. But if Credence was old enough to be beyond this stage, his anger would be directed outward and with time, he may even have gained some control over it.

There is also the possibility that he is protecting Modesty. Modesty sings her songs in the first person. My momma, your momma.. (I havent got to the part about the toy wand in the book yet, but I wonder why she would have one at all under Mary Lou's supervision.) Is Modesty a witch or descended from one? Is Credence trying to protect her? If so, this is another example of JKR's favorite theme, self sacrifice.

Lots to think about, including why an American actress has been cast as Leta. Is she an American? Is her mother, witch or No-Maj, from the US and her father British? Maybe she was raised here and got an invitation to Hogwarts on what might be called dual citizenship? If so, being the sole American in the school could account for her being an outcast. If she is a half blood, it would account for Newt's antagonism to MACUSA's stringent rules about relations between Magical and non magical people. It would also explain her absence from family trees.

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