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Re: Layers in fantastic beasts and where to find them

Some folks do come in from time to time, we should definitely give them a reason to!

Ok so I'm going to operate under the assumption anyone posting here has either read the screenplay or seen the movie.

MaryLou was really disturbing in her approach to the Children and her absolute zeal against magic in all its forms. Being a squib would absolutely fit that perfectly. Credence was just so very sad, I viewed that scene where he's taking the wand out from under the bed as that was his wand; like he's of age + where hed have a wand so maybe he did actually get a wand or inherit a wand from his parents before being adopted by MaryLou.

I think you're right that maybe he went to repress his magic - we know Harry unconsciously was performing magic when he didn't know he was magical so clamping down deliberately on magic must take
1) Iron will
2) Amazing magical ability.

its going to literally leak out.

“Perhaps that is the secret. It is not what we do, so much as why we do it.”
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