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Re: Should prostitution be made legal?

Dont you know prostitution is slavery?

Do you think that the mayor percentage of women who are prostitutes: are prostitute because they wanted to?

Many of them just need money to live, because itīs the only way for them to gain money... OK but, what about the rest, the whole dirty and ugly, and cruel world of prostitutuion and XXX industry, legal or not ..
Whatīs behind all that?

People is truly missing the point here.

Girls from poor, third world countries are kidnapped everyday to take them to countries where *prostitution is legal*
Girls are educated (raped) to make them prostitutes.

Many girls and women are cheated, forced and druged to turn them into prostitutes, to make them do many of those XXX stuff men watch everyday thinking women do it for entertainment or because they "like it":
See, many of them are in drugs or forced, or were educated since childhood to make sucha things.

And people wnats to make this legal XD... in the countries where this is not legal...
Whereīs peopleīs moral and sense of humanity and women rights these days?
And this is not a subject of religion or Christianity (Anyway isnīt Christianity totally right anyway?)
This is a subject of human rights!!!!!

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