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Re: Should prostitution be made legal?

Criminalising prostitution hasn't stopped it, it just makes it harder to manage safely. Decriminalising prostution enables it to be managed more safely. If the women were working in registered, licensed brothels, with good security and enforced health screening, it would be safer for them and their patrons. Licensed brothels would make it much easier for the police to monitor human trafficking and keep underage prostitution to a minimum.

As the law stands (certainly in the UK) it's the prostitute who is criminalised and punished. If the sex trade is to remain illegal, I'd rather see the customer punished.

ETA: I don't believe prostitution is immoral. I think coercion and human trafficking and abuse are immoral, but prostitution is not necessarily any of those things. I don't think sex is a moral issue, it's just a human activity. Certain aspects of human behaviour which impact on or involve sex such as rape, infidelity, etc, I do believe to be immoral, but I don't believe that sex is something which should only be shared as part of marriage and for procreation, and I don't believe it is immoral. Prostitution can be unwise, sad, dangerous, but I don't believe it's immoral.

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