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Re: Sherlock

Spoiler: show
Just saw the season finale yesterday. I liked it but some things were a bit too far fetched for my liking. Eurus playing games with Sherlock was certainly intersting and entertaining to watch but her going from criminal mastermind to scared little girl so quickly was a bit strange. I also couldn't really buy that she manipulated/brain washed everyone in prison. Yes, it's true that brilliant psychopaths are often charismatic but to get into people's minds like that after just one meeting was a bit hard to swallow.

And also, how did they get from the island to Sherlock's family house? They had a boat, sure, but how did Eurus manage to transport three unconscious men a considerable distance by herself? Or maybe the guards helped her? I also thought it was a bit weird that she would impersonate Watson's psychologist and then also flirt with him on the bus. What did she get out of it? Information about Sherlock maybe? As you can see, many question marks. I did enjoy the plane metaphor, that was clever, and also Eurus's character in general (though the long lost sister/brother/son/daughter is a bit of a cliché). Like everyone here, I think this was perhaps the weakest season.

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