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Re: Sherlock

Originally Posted by Melaszka View Post
Spoiler: show
To be brutally honest, I was a bit disappointed - felt the pace was too rushed and Mary's life as an elite assassin was more credible and powerful when it was alluded to than when shown on screen.

Also felt that it wasn't credible that John would lock Sherlock out like that, when it really wasn't Sherlock's fault and he's forgiven him so much else previously.

Plus, I feel we've been down the John-painfully-bereaved-and-then-on-non-speakers-with-Sherlock plotline before so recently, it feels repetitive.

But I'm excited by the mystery redhead on the bus who's obviously up to no good and I have read a theory about who she is which has BLOWN MY MIND. If it turn out to be true, it will be the biggest coup de television ever.
Spoilers for Episodes 1 and 2 of Series 4:
Spoiler: show

I didn't find John's lockout of Sherlock to be incredible. He does always forgive Sherlock...eventually. It took him a while when he came back from the dead (from John's perspective), and it took him a while this time, too. Also, although it's mostly not his faultóMary chose to shield Sherlock*óhe did goad the old woman into pulling the trigger. She had the gun, obviously, but might well have gone quietly if Sherlock hadn't been such an obnoxious show-off know-it-all. He escalated the situation needlessly. That's who he is, that's why we love watching him, but the writers don't entirely let him off scot free.

It was repetitive, I agree with that. It also lasted about the same length of (television) time, the better part of one episode. I didn't like the retread.

Regarding the redhead: I didn't have much of an idea about her (although I did feel that she was thoroughly unlikely to be a one-off), but come the second episode, I figured the therapist and the fake daughter were one and the same. I didn't tie them to the redhead, though. That came as a complete surprise.

Possible ties to Moriarty: I have a friend who finds Moriarty (well, his portrayal) rather...distracting and fascinating. Anyway, at the end of Series 3, she was hoping he was alive after all, but admitted that my idea that it was a dead-man's switch was more likely. Evidently, Sherlock and co thought so too. But now maybe the revival was purely Euros's idea, or at least mostly so. Maybe it was a dead-man's switch, but she's piggybacking on it. Anyway, I expect we'll see in the final episode.

I will be disappointed if they choose to end the show after Series 4. I think it would require so much to be tied up in too rushed a fashion to do it justice. But I guess we'll see.

*As an aside, maybe I'll have to watch the first episode again, but the way it was portrayed, Mary's defensive lunge was shown as requiring superhuman speed. They showed the gun being fired first, and then Mary leaping into action. Obviously, unless the bullet is travelling at mule-cart speeds, that's not possible (and then it would at best given her a stomachache). I wonder why they chose to show it that way.

Originally Posted by Melaszka View Post
I thought it was very good - maybe not up there with A Scandal in Belgravia, A Study in Pink or The Reichenbach Fall, but on a par with The Great Game.
Interesting! I really liked "A Scandal in Belgravia" and "A Study in Pink," but I wouldn't call them great episodes, especially the former. Just very good. I liked "The Sign of Three" the same way. In contrast, I find "The Reichenbach Fall" incredibly painful to watch, but it seems to me to reveal a lot about the characters, and the tension is realóreal to the point that I can't stand the journalist, who (like Donovan) never gets her comeuppance on screen. And Donovan, geez. At least Anderson shows some remorse. "The Sign of Three" shows her just as dismissive of Sherlock as ever. What a tool.

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