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Re: Sherlock

Spoiler: show
To be brutally honest, I was a bit disappointed - felt the pace was too rushed and Mary's life as an elite assassin was more credible and powerful when it was alluded to than when shown on screen.

Also felt that it wasn't credible that John would lock Sherlock out like that, when it really wasn't Sherlock's fault and he's forgiven him so much else previously.

Plus, I feel we've been down the John-painfully-bereaved-and-then-on-non-speakers-with-Sherlock plotline before so recently, it feels repetitive.

But I'm excited by the mystery redhead on the bus who's obviously up to no good and I have read a theory about who she is which has BLOWN MY MIND. If it turn out to be true, it will be the biggest coup de television ever.

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