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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

Originally Posted by NumberEight View Post
My only complaints arise from the rushed nature of the beginning (will most likely be rectified when watching Part I before) and the unneeded humor. You don't put humor in the middle of a battle that's full of death. It's just like Dobby's nonsense in Part I: it's out of place.

My goodness. This was the least humourous HP ever. There were barely a few chuckles and the ones that were in weren't too funny either. A very serious HP in my opinion.

So far the only thing that actually bothered me, was how did Luna come to be in the RoR when we had just seen her in Shell Cottage. I know she could have traveled there, but it just seemed to bug me...funny. Oh, and how we see the memory of Lily speaking to Harry. Huh? That's not Snapes memory, so what's it doing in there. Yes, I get it, exposition, but it jarred me out of the moment.

I didn't mind the hug. I found it properly disturbing.

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