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Re: The X-Files

Originally Posted by Fawkesfan1 View Post
@Bonta Kun: Yea it is a freakish one. Heck I read an interview not too long ago (a CC one) where he said that they got in trouble for going so far with that episode.

Agreed. He was one heck of a director/producer and seemed to be a really nice person. Me too. I've been watching re runs of Supernatural as of late... I like it so far.

Me too... I've only made it to the second episode... since I've been busy as of late... dang it ... must watch... since 2012 isn't too far off. Only 2 years... boy does time fly...
Silly life, always getting in the way of having a proper geekfest When I want to work through a boxset I sometimes just go several weeks setting my alarm to go off 45 minutes earlier in the morning so I can watch an episode before I have to get up and out of bed

And I'm glad you're enjoying Supernatural, the first 2 seasons in particular make it the the most X-Filesy programme I've seen since The X-Files. although it changes direction quite a bit (not in a bad way, just different) You can't beat a bit of Mulder and Scully love, though

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