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Re: The X-Files

Originally Posted by Moriath View Post
I actually thought that they had had a relationship at this point and then kind of lived apart after the loss of their child and the things that are always going on in Mulder's life. It did definitely not seem like the first time they were sharing a bed. It seemed about comforting a loved one, someone who had been very close and then was estranged for some time.
Ah I see. I didn't view it that way myself. I just figured Mulder was alone so much due to Scully going to work so often.

It's interesting to see what other's takes are on it though -- since it was a little out there at first. Agreed. They really did a good job there -- I was impressed. So human and so real .

Interesting. I didn't view that part of the scene in that way. I viewed it as -- Scully being tired and worn out and Mulder comforting her.

Also it was good to see him not have the attention span of a nat . He's come so far .


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