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Re: Once Upon A Time

Originally Posted by Fury View Post
Loved tonight's episode. I just love Snow White and Prince Charming -- ahem -- James (as we learned tonight) so much, and I love their real world identities too.

Ugh, I really don't like that blonde Kathryn woman... I really hope she's just somebody the mayor brought in and she's posing as the wife.

Do you think David Anders' character (the doctor) is a storybook character? He probably is, right? I wonder who.

Can't wait for next week's episode! Cinderella! YAY!
I agree I loved the back story between snow and charming/james, and that it wasnt the traditional fairy tale version. Im still trying to figure out who david anders character is supposed to represent, but obviously someone who supports the queen. maybe one of her men? I thought i had it figured out who kathryn was i thought she was cinderella but after next week's preview thats when we get her, so im a little confused as to who the former wife/possible wife(hey im still holding out that he leaves that witch at the alter) is. She must be one of the evil step sisters or something.

I really loved ginnfer goodwin's performance in this episode both as the teacher and snow white, it was much much better.

snow and charming are so cute! love the back story!

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