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Re: The Gameboy Thread

Originally Posted by cardinalguy View Post
Mine as well, though I prefer the original version.

BTW, what was your NSider name?
Why? Just wondering... , it was Box9Missingo, were you on there? If you were, what was yours?

Originally Posted by griffiegrrl View Post
I have yet to win Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 -- I had to use the flute to get by world 7 (way to hard at the last levels in that world) And now I think I am on the last level of world eight, or on the second to last. So I've ALMOST won the game, but not quite yet.

And thanks for the Zelda suggestions.
I haven't beaten it either -- I'm stuck in world 3, darn Boss Bass keeps on killing me . No matter what I do -- jump on him, shoot him with fireballs... he keeps on coming back and does it time after time . It's getting very old, very fast.


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