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Re: Should prostitution be made legal?

Originally Posted by Discordia View Post
You know I think that people who know the very skim basics of human trafficking are terrible naive about the subject. No offense to anyone but I don't think a lot of the people pushing for legalization of prostitution here truly understand the deep dark underbelly of human trafficking. Human trafficking is first and foremost a business to traffickers. Many of the people who do run such businesses do so illegally and half the time they have corrupt government officials eating out of their pockets. Who do you think is making most of the money from prostitution? Definitely the women because if they were getting a good percentage of the money from all the men they are forced to be with they would have enough to have bought their own private island twice over. Legalizing prostitution is not some black and white issue. People go to prostitutes because they don't want to worry about rules and regulations. They want to have the option of not having sex with condom, molesting children, takig advatange of young women. Do you think human traffickers will suddenly turn legit if prostitution is made legal? They will still be conducting illegal activity and cover it up to make it look legal which is what they are doing now anyways. Maybe in the US if prostitution were legalized we would have health inspectors and enforced rules and regulations. You think other overty stricken nations can afford to do the same? The rights of prostitutes are not very high on their agenda. Prostitutes deserve their rights but making them legal is not necessarily going to end human trafficking. Its fine and dandy to make it legal but how will you enforce it?
From what I gathered from reading this thread noone that supports the legalization of prostitution thinks this will completely solve the problem of human trafficking. We have not seen many good results from illegalizing prostitution.

If we legalize prostitution the government, courts, and police will have more jurisdiction to enforce laws against human trafficking and protect the prostitutes. It seems that leaving prostitution as illegal is backing the government, courts, and police into a wall. They are forced to look the other way when this is going on. As the prostitutes and human traffickers are technically committing crimes. Legalization could possibly alleviate this problem and leave room for the government, courts, and police to do more about the problem.

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