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Re: Questions for the Americans v3.

Originally Posted by Sharky
I have a few questions!

1. What is the legal age that people can smoke?
2. Do you really have 'cut' days at school where kids can skive off if they want to and not get in trouble?!
3. Are all the houses in America really big? (I know this is a weird question but I'm basing it on all the American sitcoms/programmes/films I've watched! Even in shows like Extreme Home Makeovers (or whatever it's called!), some families are living in almost poverty or 'cramped' houses yet their houses are still bigger than mine!)
2. We had an UN-official, but traditional, "Senior Skip Day" at my high school. [Senior year being the year you graduate from high school.] Word would buzz around, and all of the seniors would know which day had been designated Senior Skip Day, and a good many of them would skip going to school that day just because. But it wasn't endorsed by the teachers, so it counted as any other unexcused absence (I believe we were allowed 3 in any given term before it would affect our grades in class).

3. No, there are also some really small one-story one-bedroom houses with no basements and no attics....but it really depends on which part of which town or city you're living in...for example, Bellflower, in the Long Beach area (south of Los Angeles, but in the same county), in California, has a lot of small one-story one- and two- bedroom houses, occupied by families who can't afford to live in Los Angeles; while around Adams Blvd. in the middle of L.A., near the USC campus, there are a lot of huge old Victorian houses with two or three floors and no A/C, and a lot of those are owned by landlords and have the individual rooms rented out to students from USC; while in richer parts of L.A. you have huge new homes that cost upwards of $1,000,000 to buy.

Also, you're less likely to see small house interiors on TV shows, especially traditional multi-camera sitcoms, because you need a lot of space to put the camera and sound crews...among other reasons... (like what the producers and studio & network execs think people do and don't want to watch on TV )

Originally Posted by KarateGirl
A fetal pig? Is that a whole pig??? What do you have to do, find the heart or something??
Cheers again!
A fetal pig would be a pig fetus (i.e. a baby pig in the developmental state just before birth...I would assume these would be pigs that are born prematurely, but I don't know...)

I never had to dissect a pig in school. But we did have to dissect a very large earthworm (the kind that people in the Midwest might call a "nightcrawler") and a was either in 7th or 9th grade, I can't remember which, but people who strongly objected to it were allowed to sit out....basically, you cut open whatever it is you're dissecting, and try to identify the different organs that your biology teacher tells you to look for.


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