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Ask the Staff v8

Answers to several common questions:

Why has my thread been locked?
What are those stars?
How do I make a signature?

You can also check out Common Questions FAQ to see if the answer to your question is there.

Version 8 continues the traditions of previous threads. Anyone can answer questions. But staff are the ones encouraged to do so as they know the answer... Admin answers in RED TEXT are the final word on anything...

The vbcode list doesn't have all the signs on there so here you go ^_^:    


sign 1 is written out like this [sign=1]...[/sign]

2 = [sign=2]...[/sign]

3 = [sign=3]...[/sign]

4 = [sign=4]...[/sign]

5 = [sign=5]...[/sign]


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