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Re: Seminal Bands/Artists of the Last 20 Years

Originally Posted by Hardcore_Raver View Post
My second nomination would be Daft Punk. Their music really encapsulates the club scene, especially their first two albums. Their debut, Homework, is quite hard, quite dirty, and very dancey. Their second album, Discovery, is their best though. It has some sublime electronic pop music such as One More Time and Too Long. Again, they are also incredible live by all accounts.
How could I forget Daft Punk? They'd definitely be up there.

Some other bands I've thought of for metal (or heavy rock, whatever you want to call it), Metallica, Van Halen, Iron Maiden.

Also, can't really go past Radiohead for alternative rock. They're pretty obvious influences for some other pretty huge bands these days (plus they're awesome )

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