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Re: Seminal Bands/Artists of the Last 20 Years

My speciality is electronic music so I will stick to nominating acts from that genre.

My first nomination would be The Prodigy. They were around when the rave scene first took off in Britain in the early 90s, and their sound has steadily evolved with the times. They are one of a few electronic artists who have genuine cross-over appeal. I have a number of friends who don't like electronic music except for The Prodigy. They are also absolutely amazing live.

My second nomination would be Daft Punk. Their music really encapsulates the club scene, especially their first two albums. Their debut, Homework, is quite hard, quite dirty, and very dancey. Their second album, Discovery, is their best though. It has some sublime electronic pop music such as One More Time and Too Long. Again, they are also incredible live by all accounts.

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