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People's Misconceptions of Feminism

Let's face it, people have a lot of different ideas about what feminism really is. One of the common responses to feminism is that it's about making women hate men and not want to have families. Or somethin' like that. Stemming from that is the idea that feminists hate men/babies/all forms of domestic life. Okay then. Feminists do NOT hate men. A lot of us are straight. (We are not all lesbians, which IMO, is rather a homophobic rumor, seeing as, even if we were, would it really make us unworthy to advocate for equal rights? I think not.) As for babies/domestic life--seriously? Babies are awesome. Except, you know, the puking. Hem, hem. Anyway. Okay, so personally, I sort of hate the housewife thing, and I really can't cook or clean or anything like that, but hey, my neighbor is a housewife, and she's a feminist. It's possible.
Anyway, another misconception is that feminism is 'no longer needed.' The people who believe this claim that while feminism has worked wonders for women in the past, it is unessecary today and is making women unhappy/doing more harm than good.
Okay then. let me tell you something people: before I was a feminist, I was a LOT more sad/depressed/angry/alone than I am now. I am much more confident and self-assured now that I am a feminist, as I have learned to value myself for who I am and not just a body, or an object, or a face in the mirror. I've stopped obsessing so much about my looks. I've stopped obsessing so much about havng a partner. I am much, MUCH happier.
However, feminism is still very much needed. The objectification of women runs rampant in society and in the media. (This has been discussed, so I won't go into it). Rape and pedophilia are banned subjects on this forum, so I won't go into those either, but truthfully, the words in themselves, and the fact that women and girls are often the targets of this evil, says it all.
The term 'feminist' as someone (I believe it was Yoana?) pointed out on an earlier thread, implies that feminists are only interested in women's rights--however, this is untrue, feminists are interested in equal rights for everyone.
If you want to know how I define feminism, it's this: The belief that all people are equal, men, women, gays, straights, etc--and the willingness to fight for equal rights for all people no matter what the obstacles.
Sorry, I know I rambled a lot. But I just wanted that out there.


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