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Re: Hardest scene to watch

You know I never got attached to Micheal Gambon as Dumbledor. He never had that twinkle in his eyes like Richard Harris did, he never seemed as loving and kind, he just didn't feel at all like Dumbledor (when he grabbed Harry's ear in GoF I just about had a heart attack because to imagine Dumbledor doing anything like that is completely unsettling). I don't think he is a bad actor, I just don't think that he acts the part at all. From what I understand he never read the books and he quite clearly has no idea what kind of a character Dumbledor is.

Because of that, I felt bad for him in the scene where he drank the potion, upset that anyone should have to go through that sort of agonizing expirience, but I just could not feel personal about it and so it was very easy for me to watch. Later that day I imagined in my mind the exact same thing with Richard Harris' Dumbledor instead (which I do with pretty much any scene of his) and my breath caught in my through and I had to sit down because it was so painful for me to imagine. I started to tear up actually, which hasn't happened to me in a very long time (not in a movie at least, I frequently tear up when reading the books). It's like watching Santa Claus being tortured before your eyes.

That being said, the scene that was hardest for me to watch was in the very beginning with the waitress. I sort of understand the thinking behind why they did it, but Harry is definately not the type to do anything like that, and I cannot see him being drawn in by someone whom he doesn't even know, at least not the post-Cedric and Sirius' death Harry. Especially not after hearing the prophecy. It just seems increadibly out of place for him at this point in his character development. Plus considering that he knows that he is leaving for Hogwarts very soon, I cannot imagine him taking even the slightest risk that he would get attached to anyone or that they would get attached to him.

I actually liked the shoelace scene. It was awkward yes but also had a very sweet touch of intimacy underneath that awkwardness. I felt that it was much more touching then a lot of the gushy romance scenes that you see in romatic comedies. It was awkward but no so much I felt that it made it hard to watch, and it was intimate enough that it felt touching without being so intemate that it was embarassing. In all, it was cute I thought.

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