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Re: Harry Potter Anime Series?

I am a Multimedia student and I say that having Harry Potter as an anime series is a TERRIBLE idea.

The coverart for the Harry Potter books, at least the American versions, are crafted by the hands of an artist who is skilled with pastels. That is why those covers have the unique, chalky blending that has become associated with pastel art. Yes, I realize that you can duplicate this process in programs like Adobe Photoshop, but it will not have the same effect. People are constantly confusing the coverart for something that can be quickly altered into something relatively Japanese so that it could be made into an anime. Harry Potter does not fit the anime "frame". I know that the newer animes take place in France and such, but they are not popular. Most people associate anime with Japan. I have a great quantity of English blood in me and the Harry Potter series makes me very proud of that. I know that seems to be a ridiculous claim, but it does. I would hate to see something like Harry Potter be made into an anime simply because I don't want Harry Potter to be treated like an anime. The giggly, over random people that tend to follow animes like Chobits, Full Metal Alchemist, Yugioh, Sailor Moon (old school), etc. annoy me. I love being a Harry Potter fan because I love spending time with fellow Harry Potter fans. To pull this series into the anime world is just...WRONG. I don't want to become annoyed with my favorite series. No. It would just ruin the feel of Harry Potter. People like Harry Potter dripping in British influence. I don't want to see Crookshanks as an anime cat or Harry Potter with a sweatdrop drawn on his forehead. The mere suggestion of this frightens me and I do hope that people higher in authority are not thinking about performing this treasonous act.

If anyone in power gets this idea, JK will get a thousand letters from me begging her not to comply.


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