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Re: U.S. Second Amendment: post-Heller

Well yes, and I hear that argument...but there are other considerations. For instance, the difference between a mentally deranged gunman being able to get a rifle as opposed to how much more damage he could do if he were to attack with an assault rifle that fires at a much higher pace and could kill many more people in the same amount of time.

There are the safety regulations of proper handling and storage to cut down uneducated accidental deaths and to keep guns out of the hands of children. Some of that is, of course, the parent's responsibility. But some can be mitigated through legislation, as well, to educate those same parents and hold them responsible for safety in a home with children. Having dumb parents is hardly the child's fault.

Better tracking of sales and ways of tagging firearms that help police track down guns that do find themselves in criminal hands.

So yes, people kill...but safety, education and some common sense legislation isn't a bad thing to keep both malicious and accidental death down and help hold those who disregard our laws responsible under the law.

So yes, I don't want to see persons like myself who would simply like to do some legal hunting to put food in the pot for my family penalized because some idiot gave a 10 yr unsupervised access to a gun and the kid now is behind a bush on the other side of the field about to discharge it accidentally and hurt himself (or me)...or shoot my dog.

And if that does happen...I want to see the laws enforced and be strong enough to do so, so that we don't have to penalize people who ARE responsible.

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